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Espresso coffee machines

Ese44 coffee maker and capsules from the best brands.

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Aroma Coffee machine and infusion machine in...

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Aroma Egò

Have you ever made espresso coffee in 12 cm? Now with Egò you can!

Baby... but not really small! The express Neapolitan in 12 cm. Express your personality with E-GO. Extroverted and dynamic, with its brilliant dimensions and colors, E-GO’ lights up your Espresso Station.

Colors: Black, white, tuchese.

Compatibility: Cialde ESE 44 mm.

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Brera capsule machine DolceGusto and Kcup

Brea is the new professional system that boasts a modern and unmistakable design, a compact format and the most advanced technology for unparalleled quality and unique experience.

The ideal machine for Gin-co and Kcup capsules, is the innovative patented system able to provide two different types of capsules within the same machine, for the preparation of a wide range of drinks that can satisfy every taste.

With 1 machine you can supply 2 capsule systems, you can manage the Ginseng and Orzo capsules and in addition long drinks such as American coffee in capsules k-cup or herbal teas in capsules.

The quality of each drink is always ensured because Brera is able to activate the extraction process best suited to the type of drink you want to propose.

Size: 16 cm L x 33 cm P x 39 H

Weight: 4,9 kg

Power: 1350-1550 W

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Aroma Mia

Its dimensions and technical characteristics make the Aroma Mia machine suitable for daily use and therefore to meet the needs of home and small offices.

A glass back tank and a lever as at the bar are its distinctive features. In addition, thanks to the naked dispensing, it allows to make perfect coffee, evocative and creamy with a single and simple gesture.

Color: Olive green.

Compatible with ESE 44 mm.

Coffee machine S05 White Caffitaly

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Its dimensions and technical characteristics make the S05 suitable for intense daily use and therefore to meet the needs of offices and meeting rooms.

A capacious tank and a large capsule port are its distinctive features. In addition, thanks to the automatic dosing, it allows you to make perfect coffee and hot drinks with one simple gesture.

Conditions: Speaking to the new, the machine never produced a coffee, was tested in our service center, had the slow pump cable for a bad faston.

The machine is new, it has never worked but the packaging has been opened.