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Oreo biscuits

Cookies Original Oreo and Golden Oreo,finally it is possible to buy them also in Italy in comfortable packs of 6 cookies Oreo.

Also in Italy arrive the Oreo Golden cookies vanilla and cream cookies!

The classic black cookie Oreo it covers itself with gold to turn into golden hour, the delicious version of the hourly biscuits, to the taste of vanilla. inside the usual, exquisite classic cream, but with a crisp biscuit flavored with vanilla! do not waste time, because we have very much stock limitate.Oreo is the commercial name of a famous biscuit internationally, produced and marketed by Mondelēz International through various societies.

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Biscuits Oreo al Cacao

Oreo Biscotti Original taste

A delicious vanilla cream enclosed between two chocolate cookies! Oreo biscuits impossible not to try them!

Oreo cookies are also excellent as homemade dessert ingredients! Do you like Cheesecake? Next time try to crumble the Oreos for a delicious Cheese cake Oreo!!

Showbox pack of 20 packs of 6 cookies Oreo x 66 g

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Golden Biscuits Vanilla Taste

Golden Oreo Biscuits

Finally even in Italy it is possible to buy Oreo Golden cookies!

The Golden Oreo are the first version of oreo with the cookie different from the classic black biscuit. The golden hours are stuffed with the classic white gold cream but has the peculiarity of having the vanilla cookie. Two vanilla cookies that enclose the classic Oreo cream!

Like classic hours, golden hours are great to dive into milk for a super-golosa breakfast.

Oreo changes color for a unique and different taste experience to taste where you want!

20 packs of 6 Oreo cookies