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Mulino Bianco

The cookies Mulino Bianco of Barilla loved by everyone, young and old, in practical showbox with monoporous blister ideal to accompany you at every moment of the day. From us you will find the new Pan di Stelle Biscocrema or the classics Baiocchi in practical sachets sold individually.

Ideal to never stay homeless or during everyday activity or to sell individually.

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Baiocchi Mulino Bianco counter pack 42 pieces

Availability: 7 In Stock

Baiocchi Cookies Mulino Bianco 42 monopoly

Baiocchi delicious hazelnut cream and cocoa enclosed between two biscuits Mulino Bianco.

Features: 100% Italian. Without palm oil.

Packaging: Expo 42 monopoly table sold individually.

Availability: 6 In Stock

Golden bifette steaks Mulino Bianco

The most famous biscuit slice in the monoporation version for the hotellerie but also suitable for domestic use, the single portion of 2 biscottate slices helps maintain the fragrance of the product.

Always simple, genuine and golden good and simple to spread.

To give even more taste to your breakfast.

Steaked slices are only prepared with carefully selected and controlled raw materials.

Without palm oil.

Box of 100 bags of 2 slices x 17 g

Availability: 4 In Stock

Baiocchi cookies Mulino Bianco at pistachio 42 monopoly

Cookies stuffed with delicious pistachio cream. The fragrant frill waffle of Baiocchi meets a delicious and soft pistachio cream. A mix of innovative and tasty flavors that will conquer you to the first bite.

You can find them in 42 comfortable 3 biscuits monopors to always bring with you. Ideal for a snack outside the house

Features: Without palm oil.

Packaging: Expo 42 monopoly table sold individually.

Availability: Out of stock

Baiocchi Choco Biscuits Mulino Bianco

Cookies with milk chocolate tablet with hazelnuts.

I Baiocchi Choco add a new straitor delicious to the classic taste of Baiocchi. They are made with a biscuit of fragrant pastafrolla and a milk chocolate tablet with italian hazelnuts.

Ideal for a gourmet break. With Milk Chocolate Tablet.

Without palm oil.

Pack 24 pieces x 24 g, blister with 2 cookies

Availability: Out of stock

Pan di Stelle Biscocrema

Cocoa cookie with hazelnut cream and cocoa, and a chocolate-closing wafer and milk cream.

The ideal snack suitable for every moment of the day, a delicious breakfast or a delicious snack like snack!

Features: without palm oil.

Packaging: showbox 24 x 28 g, 24 blister from 2 cookies