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Biscuits and Wafer

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Cookies Milka Cookies Sensation 24 pieces x 52 g

Availability: 15 In Stock

Cookies Milka cookie sensation

American Cookies Milka

Golosissimi Cookies with chocolate chips filled with chocolate cream

Table packaging

Format: Box of 24 sachets of 2 biscuits from 52 g

Net weight: 1248 g

Milka Choco Brownie 24 pieces

Availability: 13 In Stock

Milka Choco Brownie

The Milka Brownie! Ununitensi, CIOCCOLATO taste! Buy and bring this delight to your home!

Chocolate cake (9.6 %) milk chocolate of the Alps (5.5 %), milk chocolate (2.3 %) and milk chocolate of the Alps (6.4 %)

Format: Pack of 24 pieces from 50g

Each blister contains two pieces of cake!

Availability: 12 In Stock

Loacker Cocoa and Milk

Strong and delicate - the original combination of cocoa wafers and milk cream. When opposites meet, a completely new combination of taste arises. The contrast between the decided taste of dark cocoa wafers and the delicate one of the clear milk cream is so fascinating, that no one can resist them. The intense cocoa taste of the three fragrant waffles is combined with the soft aroma of two layers of excellent and very fine milk cream Loacker, creating an original sensory experience, decisive and delicate at the same time.

Format: Pack of 25 pieces from 45g

Baiocchi Mulino Bianco counter pack 42 pieces

Availability: 7 In Stock

Baiocchi Cookies Mulino Bianco 42 monopoly

Baiocchi delicious hazelnut cream and cocoa enclosed between two biscuits Mulino Bianco.

Features: 100% Italian. Without palm oil.

Packaging: Expo 42 monopoly table sold individually.

Availability: 10 In Stock

Loacker Cremkakao wafer

Three very thin fragrant wafers and two layers of delicious cream made of an exclusive combination of cocoa and chocolate make this really irresistible wafer delicacy. The taste of cocoa gives this creamy classic a particular character and gives divine moments of pleasure. The scientific name of the cocoa tree is "Theobroma", meaning "food of the gods".

Format: Pack of 25 pieces from 45g

Gold Vitasnella Cereal Yo red fruit 18 pieces x...

Availability: 9 In Stock

Vitasnella Cereal Yo Red fruit

Cookies Vitasnella with soft creamy yoghurt filling enriched with red berried fruits between two full grain cookies.

Cookies Vitasnella enriched with calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamins E,B1 with yoghurt filling and red fruits.

Features: source of fiber, source of magnesium.

Packaging: 18 pieces x 51 g

NB. image to be updated.

Biscuits Pavesini 20 bags

Availability: 9 In Stock

Biscuits Pavesini

The Pavesini, the first, inimitable, since 1948. Famous for their simplicity, made of flour, sugar and 100% fresh eggs from hens raised to the ground. Good and light are a great companion for your relaxing breaks, and thanks to the comfortable monoporations you can always bring them with you!

Excellent as an ingredient for homemade desserts! Who hasn't tried the tiramisu with the peacocks raise your hand!! !

Pack of 20 monopoly

Availability: 9 In Stock

Biscuits Oreo al Cacao

Oreo Biscotti Original taste

A delicious vanilla cream enclosed between two chocolate cookies! Oreo biscuits impossible not to try them!

Oreo cookies are also excellent as homemade dessert ingredients! Do you like Cheesecake? Next time try to crumble the Oreos for a delicious Cheese cake Oreo!!

Showbox pack of 20 packs of 6 cookies Oreo x 66 g