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Da Vinci Smoothies

Da Vinci Smoothies Brik from 1 liter in taste: Da Vinci Smoothie Mango, Da Vinci Smoothie Summer Fruits, Da Vinci Smoothie Strawberry, Da Vinci Smoothie Fishing, Da Vinci Smoothie Exotic Fruits

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Waring Blender Torq 2.0 2 horses

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Waring Blender TORQ – FRULLATORE 2.0 2 HP

Compact and space saving, comfortable extractable carafe with handle, of maximum capacity 1.4 litres.

On the sides of the carafe are marked very comfortable metric graduations!

Quality Stainless Steel Blade, suitable for hard products. Built to last in time, but replaceable in case of need.

Removable rubber cover, with openable central pourer cap, to add ingredients even during mixing. This particular cover damps noise and makes cleaning easy.

Electronic front pocket, with timer and countdown.

Choose from 2 speeds: LENTO and VELOCE

PULSE button to mix manually


Blender blender Blendtech EZ600

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Blender blender Blendtech EZ600

The quality of the Blendtech brand, in compact but high-performance blender.

Three-horse motor, or more than 50% more power than the classic commercial blenders.

Ideal for all locals who make over 50 servings per day or many cocktails.


- Ultra high speed motor of 3 horses, to mix even the toughest ingredients.

- Powerful engine for shorter work cycles, you will offer a faster customer service.

- Compact and space saving.

- Convenient extractable jug with handle. Carp capacity 1 liter.

-Square section cap for a more uniform vortex.

- Rounded blades, 10 times stronger than traditional blades.

- Removable rubber cover.

- LCD display and front control buttons.

- 3 buttons for 3 preset programs.

- PULSE button to mix manually.

- Automatic shutdown.

Blender Aicok WBL-003

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Blender blender Aicok

ALTA POTENZA: the powerful 1200 W engine turns the blades up to 24,000 rpm, with three speeds to prepare the perfect smoothie with any fruit or vegetables. 1.6 HP.

KITCHEN ASSISTANCE 10 IN 1: Prepare soups and silky smoothies, grind coffee beans, nuts or spices and prepare pappe, among other things. T

MULTIDIREZIONAL TECHNOLOGY: high quality 6 blade 304 stainless steel blades are perfect for crushing and pulverizing ice.

FACILE TO USE: LED display for maximum control of working time.

SYSTEM AND EASY TO PULIRE: FDA-approved stainless steel guarantees your safety, along with suction cup base. The travel cups without BPA and the blade group are all dishwasher safe.

WARNING: Our 2 year replacement or refund warranty for defective products is proof that we are behind our products. Contact Customer Service 24 hours a day and we can help you.

3 buttons in all:

BLEND button with 45 seconds count for smoothies.

START/STOP ideal for Frapshake and Acai Bowl.

PULSE key ideal to mix manually.