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Candy Morositas

Morositas gommose sweets with an inimitable taste, in stick to the taste of licorice and assorted fruit with and without sugar or in cubs in the crystal version with sugar crystals on the outside.

Morositas soft life!

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Morositas caramels gommose licorice 24 stick x...

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Morositas caramels gommose Liquirizia

Soft and irresistible gums, classic and inimitable. Good, soft and tasty!

Taste: Liquorice.

Features: gluten-free.

Packaging: 24 stick box x 34 g.

Morositas Crystal strawberry orange and lemon...

Availability: 7 In Stock

Morositas Crystal Strawberry, orange and lemon

Morositas gummy sweets, without artificial colors with Vitamin C.

Flavour: strawberry, orange and lemon.

Features: gluten free.

Packaging: box of 16 boxes of 50 g

Morositas sugar-free gourmet caramel 24 stick x...

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Morositas Liquorice without sugar

Soft cups and gommose irresistible to licorice without sugar.

Taste: Liquorice.

Features: sugar free, gluten free.

Packaging: 24 stick box x 34 g

Morositas Crystal Liquorice 16 x 50 g

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Morositas Crystal liquorice

Morositas gummy candies

Taste: liquorice.

Characteristics: no artificial colors, gluten free.

Packaging : box of 16 boxes x 50 g