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Coffee American Capsules K-Cup

American coffee in capsules K-Cup. A selection of 100% Arabica coffee blends, a mono origin and a blend, with a unique fragrance and a perfume that conquers. Perfect roasting and grinding, with intense aromas that appear deep. Sublimi long cups of American coffee, without sugar, to recharge with taste.

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Capsule Mr. Joe 100% Colombian American Coffee

Full-bodied coffee, balanced aroma. Colombian beans give the coffee pleasant notes of caramel, vanilla, blueberry and lemon. Roasted with a delicate and slow toast, for a velvety but intense experience. Ideal as faces of the morning, to start the day with great energy.

Coffee toasted and ground 100% Colombia, packaged in capsules in protective atmosphere.

Packaging: Box 24 capsules K-cup 10,5 g cadauna

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French Roast American Coffee Mr. Joe

Happy Day Cup Natfood

Number 15

French Roast. A mixture with a distinctive and complex profile, which reveals numerous aromatic nuances. The scents of caramel, hazelnut and spices prevail, revealing its intense roasting. Ideal at every moment of the day, for a rewarding break, which awakens the feeling.

Toasted and ground coffee, packaged in capsules in a protective atmosphere.

Net weight 189 g

Pack of 18 capsules K-cup of 10,5 g cadauna