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Creme and Patè

Creams and potato for aperitifs of Attinà and Forti, Fox, The cerignola of time, The trulli and typical Calabrian specialties

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Potatoes of green olives The cerignola of once...

Availability: 18 In Stock

Potatoes of green olives La Cerignola di una volta

Spreadable cream of green olives ideal on bruscato bread as appetizer!

Glass jar of 550 g

Dip FOX jar 1050 g

Availability: 14 In Stock

DIP sale Fox

Aperitivo Italiano FOX

Perfect complement for a fun and appetizing aperitif, the DIP sauce gives dishes and appetizers a touch of originality and character to transform, every evening, a simple aperitif in a party with cheerful, lively and always different flavors.

Slightly spicy, the ideal for Nachos, but it can also be used for raw vegetables!

Format: 1050 g jar

Cream of Artichokes The cerignola of once 550 g

Availability: 10 In Stock

Cream of artichokes La Cerignola di una volta

Cream spread of artichokes, delicious and rich in flavor, ideal on bruscato bread as appetizer!

Glass jar of 550 g

BOMBA REGGINA spicy cream spreadable 960 gr...

Availability: 9 In Stock

BOMBA REGINA Attinà and Forti

Spreadable spicy cream suitable for bruschettes in sunflower seed oil.

Glass jar 960 gr