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La Cerignola di una volta

La Cerignola di una volta she is proud to present her outstanding selection of sub-licensed and sub-acet apulian products, available for online purchase. Every product is carefully prepared following the culinary traditions of Puglia, Italy, and brings the authentic taste of the region directly into your kitchen.

Here are some of the delicious products you will find in this category:

  • Antipasto Mixed Rich: An assortment of Apulian delicacies, including dried tomatoes, olives, underwater mushrooms and more, perfect to start a meal deliciously.
  • Asparagus of the grandmother: Fresh and crisp asparagus in oil, prepared with a recipe that evokes the taste of home cooking.
  • Pugliese bomb: An explosion of flavor with tuna-filled chili pepper, a spicy and tasty option for tuna lovers.
  • Mushrooms Champignon Interior: Entire champignon mushrooms under oil, ideal for salads, appetizers or main dishes.
  • Sea salad: A mix of seafood under oil, such as squid, mussels and shrimp, seasoned with aromatic herbs and spices.
  • Pomodori Secchi rolls: Dry tomatoes filled with delicacies, a unique and tasty appetizer.
  • Peasant lights: Lampascioni, a Puglian specialty, in oil with a homemade touch.
  • Eggplants in Fette and Filetti: Eggplants in oil in two variants, slices or fillets, perfect for enriching salads or sandwiches.
  • Peperonata in Filetti: Peperonata in oil, prepared with sweet peppers and seasoned with extra virgin olive oil.
  • Chili pepper with tuna: Peperoncini spicy stuffed with tuna, a delicacy for lovers of spicy and tuna.
  • Paesana zucchini: Pumpkins in oil prepared according to the peasant tradition, a delicious contour.
  • Tris di Funghi: A mix of mushrooms under oil, including champignon, porcini and pleurotus, to enrich your dishes with intense fungal flavors.

Discover the culinary art of Puglia through our range of high quality sublium and subacet products. Bring home the authentic flavor of Puglia with La Cerignola di una volta!

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Aubergine Fillets La Cerignola di una Volta 550g

Availability: 27 In Stock

Melanzane to Filetti La Cerignola di una Volta

Delicious eggplants with fillets, ideal for an appetizer or a tasty and simple aperitif.

550g glass jar

Grilled artichokes The cerignola of once...

Availability: 22 In Stock

Grilled artichokes La Cerignola di una volta - Iaculli

Line Grilled

Excellent and tasty grilled artichokes, made in Italy, subliferous with few and simple ingredients.

Tasty, great and tasty

Packaging: Glass jar of 550 g

Peperoni Grigliati 550 g La cerignola di una volta

Availability: 14 In Stock

Peperoni Grigliati - La cerignola di una volta

Lina Grigliati

Delicious peppers cut into slices, grilled and placed under oil and under vinegar. Excellent for a pleasant appetizer or contour, ideal for aperitif.

Format: Glass jar of 550 g

Tris of mushrooms The cerignola of once 550 g

Availability: 12 In Stock

Tris of mushrooms The cerignola of once

Sodi, great and tasty underwater mushrooms, ideal as appetizer, aperitif or to serve with bruscato bread.

Glass jar of 550 g

Broiled Champignon mushrooms La Cerignola di...

Availability: 11 In Stock

Broiled Champignon mushrooms La Cerignola di una volta

The perfect contour, ideal as a starter, delicious small mushrooms champignon whole.

Packaging: 550 g glass jar