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Sweetener MyDietor and My Dietor Stevia.

MyDietor envelopes in Dispencer and MyDietor Stevia envelopes in counterfeit.

Dietor Cuor of Stevia wholesale price, My offer Dietor wholesale price.

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MyDietor Natural Sweetener Dispenser 300 sachets

Availability: 58 In Stock

MyDietor Natural Sweetener Dispencer 300 sachets

A bag of MyDietor sweetens like a teaspoon of sugar, but at zero calories, ensuring excellent solubility in all foods and drinks.

Zero Calories without aspartame even more good

Format: Box of 300 sachets x 0.8 g

My Dietor Fruttil Pure fruit 220 packets x 4 g

Availability: 54 In Stock

My Dietor Fruttil pure fructose

Fruttil is pure crystalline product. The fructose is the sugar of which the ripe fruit and honey are particularly rich. Its delicate taste enhances and enriches the taste and aroma of the foods to which it is added. Fruttil has a higher sweetening power than sugar: in fact at equal weight sweetens 30% more. This allows the use of smaller quantities at equal confection.

Fruttil is obtained with a specific process of processing, carefully controlled at every stage, which guarantees a high level of quality and purity.

Boxes of 4 gr. = 16 kcal

Pack of 220 sachets