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Caramelle Toffee online sale Haribo and Superfragoloso

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Superfragoloso Candy Strawberry Toffee Pack 250...

Availability: 5 In Stock

Superfragoloso strawberry toffee caramel

Delicious, soft and delicious toffeee candies to the Strawberry taste.

Individually wrapped

Taste: Strawberry

Gluten free

Pack of 250 pieces from 8g

Availability: 8 In Stock

Haribo candy marshmallow chamallows tubular colors

Delicious colorful tubular marshmallow Haribo, the children will go crazy!

The Chamallows range is enriched Haribo with the new Chamallows Tubular Colors: a new shape that enhances the taste and softness of the sweetest.

Taste: Vanilla.

Features: Without Glutine.

Packaging: box 30 sachets x 90 g

Liquirone original toffeee at Liquirizia 250...

Availability: 6 In Stock

Liquirone Original Caramella Toffeee alla Liquirizia

Delicious sweet soft toffeee with licorice taste

Taste: Liquorice.

Features: Gluten free.

Packaging: 250 pieces counter box