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Sanbittér Rosso, Sanbittér Dry, San Bitter Emozioni, Sanbittér Bartender Cocktail products symbol of the Italian aperitif!

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Red, sparkling and cheerful. Always an aperitif icon. When you think about the non-alcoholic aperitif, think about Sanbittèr Red that always gives Italian pleasant and carefree moments. Red color, sparkling taste and cheerful spirit even without adding alcohol.

Serving Sanbittèr Red with a “crusta” of almond flour. To make the “crusta” wet slightly the edge of the glass with lemon juice, pass the wet edge in the almond flour and then pour Sanbittèr Red in the glass. To create a contrast with the red drink and its bitter taste you can replace the flour with black salt.

Packaging: 40 bottles of 10 cl

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Clear, sparkling and loved by all. Its transparency is synonymous with sincerity: its refined taste, sparkling and without alcohol makes it original and distinctive during aperitif. Appreciated by everyone for its sparkling and modern soul.

Accompanies the White Sanbittér with a fresh oyster: it supports a sprig of lemon thyme on the open shell. The lemon thyme will give a touch of freshness to the oyster.

For vegan friends you can replace oysters with Oyster Leaf: these small green leaves contain the true taste of oysters.

Temperature: servants Sanbittèr Fresh white from fridge.

Packaging: 40 bottles of 10 cl