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Sweet decorations - Granelle

Decorations and Granelle for desserts, yogurts and ice creams. Ideal to garnish also hot drinks like hot chocolate in cup or ice cream yogurt.

Ice cream granules and granelles for yogurt.

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Debic sweetened whipped cream

Debic Sugar Spray Cream provides the finishing touch for cold and hot desserts, fruit salads, ice creams, coffee and hot chocolate.

The very high quality, guaranteed by the strict control regime along the entire production chain, and the extreme practicality, make the cream perfect for processing in all its forms. Produced by centrifuge from raw cow's milk, vegetable or mixed origin, they will amaze you in their taste and performance.

Taste: real cream.

Features : The perfect dollop of cream for any occasion, for hot and cold applications, airtight to ensure high quality and hygiene.

Packaging: 700 ml spray can

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Hulalà Pristine Grand Dessert Professional

The Pristine Grand Dessert professional hulalà is a professional long lasting spray cream, sweetened, with a great milky taste and a gratifying sensation in the mouth. Exceptional and long-term performance, even in the most severe conditions of use. Excellent structure and seal. Ideal for desserts, ice creams, hot drinks, smoothies and Macedonians

Thanks to its high stability, it is usable on hot drinks, made with milk cream, it is already pumpkin is ideal for garnishing ice creams, cold creams, crepes, sweets, coffee.

Sugar product with cream and hydrogenated vegetable fats UHT.

700 ml cylinder - Weight 724 g

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