List of products by brand Zacapa

Located in Zacapa, in the eastern part of Guatemala, this famous distillery was founded in 1940 by three Guatemalan families (Giròn, Estrada and Gordillo) with the help of dr. Burgaleta, expert in Spanish rums, with the aim of creating an excellent distillate of pure sugar cane juice.

The territory of Zacapa, characterized by majestic landscapes, high mountains and active volcanoes, has a very fertile soil, suitable for the cultivation of sugar cane. In plantations, to ensure the excellence of the final product, the cutting of the canes takes place using a particular type of machete that allows the stem to be cut off at the base, avoiding sugar dispersions and contamination. From these stems we get the 'Miel Virgen', pure sugar cane juice, which is then fermented for five days with the help of a yeast extracted from the pineapple plant. After the distillation process, the rums age on the plateau of the city of Quetzaltenango, at an altitude of 2300 meters in hand-made white oak barrels, previously used for bourbon and sherry. In this scenario of peace, silence and darkness the so-called 'aging on high ground' continues for years; at the end of this period an exceptional and mature distillate is born, with perfect and well-defined aromas. Zacapa rums are recognizable for their rich, deep, harmonious and incomparable flavor, bottled in packages wrapped in 'Petate', a weave of palm leaves once reserved for rulers and a symbol of union between heaven and earth. This vegetable fabric that wraps the bottles perfectly represents the splendid nectar from Zacapa: born from volcanic soil and aged in the clouds, descended from the mountains of Guatemala to give unique emotion.