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  1. Tanqueray

The famous English Gin sold all over the world.

The Tanqueray London Dry Gin of 1830 is the original, containing juniper, coriander and angelica roots. Until 2016 the alcoholic strength was 47.3° today it is on the market at 43.1°.

The Tanqueray No. Ten of 2000 is a superpremium variant of gin, delicate, balanced, with citrus and fresh scents, designed for the realization of the classic stirred, in particular for the MARTINI Cocktail. It is named after the distiller where the "Tiny Ten" is produced. It is obtained through a distillation process involving four distillations. During the last distillation whole citrus fruits (orange, grapefruit and lime), juniper, coriander and chamomile flowers are infused, selected and processed by hand for 18 months. He won the "Best White Spirit" category award 3 times at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, which included the Tanqueray No. Ten in the hall of fame.