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Picoteamo by Paul Mirror s.r.l.

Picoteamo the real Argentine peanut.

Peanuts are grown and shelled by the Arroyo Cabral Cooperative, founded more than 70 years ago in the province of Córdoba by a group of Italian farmers, who arrived in Argentina to look for luck. Today the cooperative grows about 3,500 hectares of peanuts and generates prosperity for the entire local community.

Paul Mirror ensures traceability and control throughout the supply chain. I am personally in Argentina to verify that the cultivation is carried out according to integrated and sustainable farming practices and in Italy they constantly collaborate with the roasting reality to select the best ingredients, such as high-oil sunflower oil and Italian sea salt, a supply chain without intermediaries, transparent and quality capable of uniting Italy and Argentina and offering our customers the best peanuts on the market. Picoteamo?