List of products by brand Fonte Tullia

Each bottle of oligomineral water SOURCE TVLLIA contains the story of an ancient spring and tells the passion of our family that, for three generations now, has been operating in the mineral water sector. The oligomineral water FONTE TVLLIA flows from the living rock, in an uncontaminated environment of the Umbrian-Marche Apennines, in the suggestive claustral park of one of the first convents of the Capuchin friars. The characteristics and healing merits of FONTE TVLLIA, formerly called Acqua Premula, have been handed down since the 16th century. Ancient testimonies, speak of appropriate water exploitation plants for therapeutic purposes, in particular for the treatment of calculus, a disease called rewarded by the local population. The records of the ancient Convent give us numerous news about the assiduous attendance of these places by clerics and lay people for wetting or to pass the waters. Best viatico for water SOURCE TVLLIA could not be there. Thus, at the end of the 1960s, the Tulli family, with Alceste and the brothers Lino and Angelo at the helm, took up a new and ambitious challenge.

Once the existence of the requirements that tradition and ancient popular wisdom had long attributed to this gift of nature and obtained the mining concession in 1970, the bottling plant was built near the collection point. In 1974 the first bottles of FONTE TVLLIA oligomineral water appeared on the market, natural and sparkling from 920 ml and 460 ml. In over forty years of activity, the company has recorded a significant growth in the production structure. In 1979 the Company started bottling its own line of soft drinks, produced with the use of the same mineral water. In the early 1980s a second plant was installed, to ensure an increase in the production volume of the plant. Subsequently, in 1986, the PET line was added to the two glass lines. Today, the company owns a plant of 10,000 square meters and four bottling lines, two for glass containers and two for PET containers. Source TVLLIA oligomineral water, for three generations, from nature to your table.