List of products by brand Carpano

Vermouth Carpano are rich in history. It dates back to 1786 when Antonio Benedetto Carpano invents Vermouth.

It all began in 1786 in Turin, when Antonio Benedetto Carpano, after a period of studies as a herbalist, invents the formula that gives rise to the product category of Vermouth, mixing herbs and spices with Muscat wine. In the following decades, the company continued its consolidation action also with the distribution of international products, until 1978, when the Caffè Sport Borghetti brand was purchased. A brand that is part of the history and tradition of Italian entrepreneurial craftsmanship, with an equally over one hundred year old tradition (born in 1860) and quality. It will be a success that continues with Fratelli Branca Distillerie. Today the product is appreciated both in Italy and abroad where in recent years it has been recording a growing trend. Carpano is definitely expanding the reference market for original vermouth, thanks to the work of the Branca Distilleries who are bringing its undeniable quality around the world.