List of products by brand Bottega Spa

Bottega Spa wines and spirits awarded in Italy and around the world. Over 280 awards in over 132 countries worldwide

The grappas BOTTEGA and alexander

Distillates made with artisan care and attention to the choice of raw materials, to find in the bottle the same authenticity, flavors and scents of nature. Grappas enclosed in original bottles of blown collectible glass.

Wines: Prosecco, White Wines and Red Wines

The wines BOTTEGA an accomplished expression of the company's values. The search for grapes of superior quality, coming from the best production areas in Italy, and the careful work of our team of oenologists give rise to fine wines of great personality.

Creams and Liqueurs

The creams and liqueurs are born from the careful selection of the first half-series combined with the decades of experience of BOTTEGA. Soft and velvety creams on the palate, with a unique taste and fresh and aromatic liqueurs.

Vermouth, vodka, gin and packaging