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Bacardi is an alcohol production and distribution company, known in particular for rum. It is headquartered in Hamilton, Bermuda. The historic rum company, of Cuban origin, was founded in 1862 by Don Facundo Bacardí Massó. Due to the expropriations of private companies due to the Castro revolution, Bacardi was forced into exile from Cuba and moved its production to Puerto Rico. In 1993, thanks to the acquisition of the Italian company MARTINI & Rossi, a historic turinese company, Bacardi became one of the largest companies in the world for the production and distribution of alcoholic beverages.

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All rums Bacardi are produced in Puerto Rico with the exception Bacardi Mexican-made Solera.

Bacardí Superior: born in 1862, after years of research conducted by Don Facundo Bacardí, who gave life to the first aged and premium light rum in the world. The slow passage on selected vegetable coals makes it adamantine in color. The aroma is delicate, with soft hints of balsamic herbs. The taste is light, soft, balanced, with a final feeling of freshness. It is the indispensable base for the preparation of the most famous and requested cocktails such as Mojito, Cuba Libre and Daiquiri. It has a gradation of 37.5% vol.

Bacardí Gold: it is a rum with an amber color, soft and smooth. It is characterized by the balance between the flavor of nuts, spices and tropical fruits, on a thin oak aftertaste. Bacardí Gold has been cuba libre's base ingredient since the origins of the well-known cocktail but is often also mixed with fruit cocktails or fruit juice. It has a gradation of 37.5% vol.

Bacardí Reserva: it is obtained through blends of precious rum aged between two and three years in American white oak barrels. It has an amber color, with bright golden reflections and an aroma with lively notes of spices and fruits. The full, dry, warm taste with persistent aftertaste and intense flavors of Caribbean spices makes it suitable to reinvent cocktails such as Caipirissima and Piña Loca. It has a gradation of 40% vol.

Bacardi Black: selected rum mixture filtered through activated charcoal and aged up to four years, in toasted barrels. The color is dark amber, the aroma has hints of dried plums, tropical fruits, nutmeg, vanilla, banana with a persistent woody finish. The balanced and soft taste makes it ideal for mixing, especially in two classic recipes such as Mai Tai and Rum Sour. It has a gradation of 37.5% vol.

Bacardí 8: has aged for more than eight years in oak barrels. It has a rich and complex aroma: together with the flavor of the woody essence, you can perceive a note of vanilla dried fruit and a feeling of nutmeg and spices. The color is dark amber, with fleeting coppery reflections. It is generally consumed smoothly and on the rocks but is also combined with the flavors of coffee, orange and chocolate. It has a gradation of 40% vol.

Bacardi Solera: Bacardi Solera 1873 is a rum produced in Mexico aged for over four years in white oak barrels. It has an alcohol content of 38% and is distributed exclusively in Mexico and North America.

Bacardi 101 Bacardi 151: 151 is a rum produced in Puerto Rican distilleries and is part of overproof rum due to its high alcohol content (75.5%). It is amber in color and is mainly used for cocktails and rum drinks.

Flavored rums

Bacardí Apple: it is a rum enriched by the aromas of fruit obtained from the mixing of Bacardí Superior rum with green apple essences. It has a transparent color, an intense and at the same time soft sweet taste. It is consumed on the rocks is either as an ingredient in long drinks. It has a gradation of 32% vol.

Spiced rums

Bacardí Oakheart: has a slight hint of smoked and dried fruit. The taste is soft and spicy, with initial hints of maple and honey, followed by vanilla and caramel. It goes well with Cola with ice. It has a gradation of 35% vol.

Ready to Serve

Bacardí Mojito Ready to Serve: it is a ready-made mojito to serve. It retains all the characteristics of mojito: lime green color and the aroma of lime, mint and Bacardí. It has a gradation of 14.9% vol.

Bacardí Piña Colada Ready to Serve: It's the ready-to-serve version of the famous white milk cocktail made from coconut pulp, pineapple juice, and Bacardi Superior. It has a gradation of 14.9% vol.

Ready to Drink

Breezer: mix of rum Bacardi, fruit juice and sparkling water.


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