Single-dose cioconat

What's your favorite hot chocolate? Cioconat offers 16 flavors of hot chocolate in practical single-dose sachets of 28 g and 35 g.

Let yourself be tempted by the creaminess and aroma of real hot chocolate from Bar, a real delight for the palate, it will warm you up on cold winter days.

You can find Cioconat in exhibitor boxes of 12, 18 and 36 sachets of 28 g and Cioconat Premium Quality in boxes of 18 sachets of 35g.

Cioconat Premium Quality hot chocolate is gluten-free and you can choose from these flavors: Traditional, White, white with hazelnuts, orange and cinnamon, mint, strawberry, chilli, amaretto, pistachio, almond, fondant, extra fondant, banana, hazelnut, gianduia, milk and coconut.