Herbal teas and infusions

Herbal teas and infusions Natfood and Dilmah.

The selection of herbal teas and Natfood completely natural and organic since 2019 with recycled paper filters to give the consumer a product

Wide range of natural herbal teas composed of a mix of herbs dedicated to psychophysical well-being.

Nine references rich in taste and beneficial properties. Certified by the Ministry of Health as Dietary Supplements. Each herbal tea is a prodigious phytotherapy elixir, with special features for the needs of each customer.

Biological infusions composed of a single essence, technically monoherba, and coming from organic agriculture, therefore natural. Unique quality, pure and unmistakable flavor. Each infusion has its own personality and beneficial property. The range includes three references each with properties specific to personal well-being and care.

They meet modern consumption and are the ideal offer for afternoon and evening breaks.