Fonte Tullia

Natural mineral water Fonte Tullia

The morphological configuration of Umbria, due to the geological specificity of the territory, has determined a peculiar quality of the waters of the river basins. The mineral waters in Umbria have, for the most part, very different chemical-physical characteristics depending on the river basin of origin. Recent studies show that from a hydrogeological point of view THE TVLLIA SOURCE is a magnesiac-calcic oligomineral water, typical of carbonate aquifers. In addition, according to water classifications based on their origin and composition, introduced by the Russian scholar Chebotarev, FONTE TVLLIA water can be called bicarbonate-alcaline.

From a regulatory point of view, however, FONTE TVLLIA Water is oligomineral, indicated for diets low in sodium and microbiologically pure.

The privileged position of the source, half-way, combined with the particular hydrogeographic configuration of the source, guarantee an exceptional stability over time of the chemical-physical parameters.

The water, in fact, flows directly from a slit of the rock at 566 meters above sea level.m. and it is precisely this wonder of nature that makes it particularly valuable. This type of origin, in fact, not only guarantees optimal and constant organoleptic characteristics over time, but allows to drastically reduce human intervention in the collection phase. That is to say, the total absence of interventions that usually affect pumping from aquifers during collection, guarantees purity and hygiene to the product. Finally, the high flow delivered by the source does not require any practice of storage of the product, nor any change in the fluid regime of the pipeline. In other words, the water, coming from the spring, is conveyed directly into the production lines. The surplus of the product, on the other hand, is returned to nature, flowing into the Vigi, one of the most suggestive rivers of valnerina.

What's more, the spring is located in a substantially healthy and uncontaminated territory, away from crops, farms and industrial settlements.