Acqua di Nepi

Acqua Di Nepi, source of pleasure.

The spring is located in the province of Viterbo, just 45KM from Rome, Nepi rises on a tuff promontory between two streams (the Puzzolo and the Falisco) that flow there after having formed perennial waterfalls.

The spring of Acqua Di Nepi is located in an isolated verdant valley with a protection area of about 240 hectares. The hydrogeological basin is located on soils of a volcanic nature that give the water its digestive properties and its subtle effervescence.

The purity,quality of Acqua Di Nepi is attested every year thanks to numerous certifications.

The quality of theAcqua Di Nepi is also guaranteed by the seriousness and professionalism of those who manage the springs and plants. Before being bottled, theAcqua Di Nepi never comes into contact with the outdoor air and the water intake and supply works, bottling plants, plant premises and the entire production cycle of theAcqua Di Nepi have been recognized as suitable to maintain the hygienic properties of the source even in the finished product. The sources, the supply works, the plants and the entire production cycle are constantly controlled by qualified personnel. Once bottled, the water is subjected to daily chemical and microbiological checks on samples taken from the production line. In addition to company audits,Acqua Di Nepi is periodically monitored by public bodies responsible for the protection of public health.

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