From a bar in the suburbs to distribution for the sector, a history of almost 40 years.

The Casciola family's adventure began in the 70s.

In those years, Giuliano and Luisa Casciola ran a BAR, and it was there that they had the idea of starting a distribution business of products for the HO.RE.CA. sector which supplied the businesses, customers and neighboring families.

Shortly thereafter, the first confectionery distributions started; in the following years with acquisitions and enlargements and thanks to the arrival of his daughter Manuela in the company, the commercial boundaries widened.

"A tradition that has handed down the value of quality for generations."

The present, vision and mission

"Passion for chocolate, sweets, good drinking and good Neapolitan espresso."

Giuliano & Co. Dolciaria, for this reason G. & Co Dolciaria, operates in the distribution of sweets, food and beverages for the HO.RE.CA. (hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, wine bars, pizzerias), has a warehouse in the industrial artisan area of Viterbo and an online store.

G. & Co. Dolciaria operates in Lazio delivering directly with its own means in the provinces of Viterbo and Rome.

The research and selection of high quality products are the prerogative to guarantee customers the most exclusive specialties.

L 'consulting activity offered to commercial activities, thanks to our experience, allows us to accompany and suggest strategic choices, orientations and market trends to the customer, interpreting their evolutions and changes.

The agency

Our warehouse houses the Nestlè agency with storage.

An area with controlled temperature and humidity where we rest the chocolates and all the products that need care, summer and winter, to guarantee the customer a 100% perfect product every moment of the year.

In our warehouse we manage about 7000 references including sweets, candies, drinks, soft drinks, liqueurs and much more, always ready for delivery, we supply +2000 activities daily.

We are able to manage the workload thanks to 7 agents in the area who listen and advise customers, our warehouse workers, our internal delivery vans and the entire administrative team.

Our spaces include 3000 square meters of warehouse divided into several areas and floors and the administrative and offices.

If you want to try the news of the sector, and test the products first hand, we have a showroom with a cooking corner , bars and machinery for the preparation of cold creams and ice creams.

"Gecoshop is a reference e-commerce website for those who want to taste the best products in the restaurant and bar world. Our idea was born from our thirty years of experience, gained from direct contact with people and professionals in the sector. , that of selecting the best brands on the market and also distributing them online in Italy and Europe.

We don't have many companies on our shop, because we have selected only the best and those we believe in most, in order to guarantee continuous availability in stock and freshly produced products, all combined with safe and fast shipping! ". di G. & Co. Dolciaria s.r.l. 

via dell'industria, 35 01100 Viterbo (VT) ITALY P.IVA 01717310567  Tel. + 39 0761 270045