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An ancient eighteenth-century coffee farm, set between rivers and imperial palms, vast plains and plantations, an authentic earthly paradise, created specifically for the production of gin, to become the first gin-only distillery in Brazil and the largest artisan gin distillery in Latin America, located in the Paraiba Valley, within the State of Rio de Janeiro.

It is the only Latin American distillery to have obtained the Best Artisan Producer in the World Award (World Gin Awards, London, 2018). Yes, this is where Gin Amazzoni is made, proudly artisanal, local, independent.

Amazons Gin 70 cl


Amazons Gin

The first gin from Brazil.

Purity. That of the water that nourishes the Amazon, and gives life to this gin gin.

Transparent water like a drop of rain hanging from a leaf in the forest, fresh like the untouched nature of the deepest Amazon, crystalline and impetuous like the playful and sunny spirit of their people.

From all this springs a new and surprising recipe, with ingredients never used before for a gin and harmonized with each other by the most celebrated mixologist of the Cono Sur with the courage of those who are not afraid to innovate, while remaining respectful of centuries of tradition.

This is precisely what gives this gin its character. Deeply Brazilian, courageously against the tide, proud of his dreams; rooted in its own territory and yet contagiously cosmopolitan.

Pure, true, even naive, but skyrocketing. Here is the intimate nature of Amazons: distilled to give the world the accents of lesser known Brazil and - for this very reason - not to be missed ./p>

Alcohol content : 42% vol.

Format: 70 cl. bottle