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Bickens London Dry Gin

A flavor that comes from a distillation process carried out at the Langley Distillery, a historic Birmingham distillery, located in the United Kingdom and founded in 1805. One of the oldest family-run English distilleries that has been producing spirits for more than 100 years. There are 6 preparation steps to create a perfect, high-quality blend and require meticulous and methodological attention. From a careful selection of botanical herbs, to distillation in the two stills, to the mixing of the two distillates to end with a marriage of flavor and dilution ready to be bottled. Bickens also offers a Premium Pink Distilled Gin version that differs in color, aroma and taste, giving it a fresh, citrusy alternative with a touch of sweetness.

Bickens London dry Gin 100 cl

Bickens London dry Gin 100 cl


Bickens London Dry Gin

Synonymous with quality, passion and competence, thanks to the careful selection of the ten botanicals and the meticulous production process that goes through 6 stages.

1) SELECTION: Selection of botanicals, researched in every corner of the world.

2) MACERATION: Process of maceration of the herbs, impregnated with neutral grain spirit and heated overnight with the use of natural water from the distillery spring.

3) DISTILLATION: Distillation of 3-4 hours, in the two Angela & Jenny stills, collecting only the heart of the distillate and removing the heads and tails.

4) MIXING: Blending of Angela & Jenny's distillates.

5) DILUTION: A marriage of flavors and dilution, bringing the distillate from 80% vol. at 40% vol. thanks to the use of water.

6) BOTTLING: Bottling of the blend.

Alcohol content: 40% vol.

Bottle of 100 cl.