New herbal teas and organic Natfood

Today we want to introduce you to the new TiSane and Infusion infusions Natfood.

12 hot drinks,good and functional, all organic,the line includes 9 herbal teas and 3 infusions.


In herbal teas and infusions you will find herbs and medicinal plants, GMO-free, colorless, gluten-free, without artificial aromas, without common allergens, also suitable for working vegan food in piedmontese alpine valleys. It is a totally Made in Italy product.

Vallate piemontesi produzione tisane

Every phase of the production cycle is carefully monitored, ensuring high quality standards.

A unique supply chain from sowing, cultivation, packaging in sachets.

The herbs are cold dried,with the innovative " open cell "dehydration system:it preserves the cell membrane of the plant, keeping the active ingredients, the aroma, the scent of the product unchanged while respecting nature.

All herbs are processed and packaged in a "green" plant powered using a 25KWP photovoltaic system.

The Box is also Green, it is made of totally recyclable recycled paper with FSC certification (responsible management of forest resources)!

The Tisane box has a double opening, opening on the top of the box and the front opening to facilitate the extraction of the sachet.

The double chamber filter without glue, without metal points and totally recyclable!

The 9 herbal teas

Blend of herbs and precious plants, rich in taste and beneficial properties. Certified by the Ministry of Greeting as dietary supplements.

Each herbal tea is a prodigious phytotherapy elixir, with special features for the needs of each customer.

TiSane Biologiche Natfood

The 3 Infusions

3 monoherba infusions, composed of a single essence. Unique quality, pure and unmistakable flavor. Each infusion has its own personality and beneficial property.

Infusi Natfood Biologici

On our store you will find all the new catalog available, ready for delivery.

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