Bombeer the beer of bomber Bobo Vieri

Many ask us what the new Bombeer beer is like,let's create a small review of the product.

The bottle has a very captivating graphics,in our opinion it has a "sporty" look, all white with red cap and red and golden graphics.

It is an unfiltered lager,certainly a particular choice that we greatly appreciate, and has an alcohol volume of 5%.

It is produced by an Italian brewery, with high quality Italian ingredients, produced with respect for the environment because it is produced with renewable energy sources.

It gives off very pleasant lager scents, of cereals but the floral of hops is also very distinct. Not too bitter, it's very pleasant.

It is a product that we believe will amaze you, we consider it suitable for a wide audience.

It comes out in cartons of 12 bottles, we decided to sell the single bottle to make it try.

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Comments (3)

    • Simone
    • 2021-02-05 07:54:14
    Grazie ragazzi, l'ho provata e posso solo confermare quanto scritto!
    • Michela M.
    • 2021-02-05 07:58:28
    E' talmente buona che non si può resistere!!!
    • Ale e Manu
    • 2021-02-06 14:06:15
    Più la beviamo e più ci piace! Bomber hai fatto gol!

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