Monastero dei Frati Bianchi

Monastery of Monte dei Bianchi, a place of millenary history.

Located in Fivizzano (MS) loc. Margine, their territory has a morphology of the land where the work is more difficult and the maintenance of the vineyards more laborious, but repays all the efforts with grapes of the highest quality, which give rise to elegant, structured, complex wines with great potential of aging and above all that they are pure expression.

The desire to revive native vines such as Pollera and Barsaglina and the recovery of uncultivated land are the characteristics of this Tuscan winery!

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Margine Val di Magra IGT Toscana

Margine, the name of the locality where the cellar is located, is our white wine born from the union of two native varieties Durella- Albarola and Vermentino. Margine is born from the union of various native and international white grape varieties: Durella, Albarola and Vermentino.

The grapes ferment in contact with the skins for a few days and then refine in steel for about nine months.

The nose perceives its elegant complexity with medicinal herbs, white fruits, citrus fruits and a mineral finish.

On the palate the structure is intense, with a sapidity that immediately takes center stage in balance with the fruit returns, the development is fluid, corroborated by the right gustatory dynamic up to the epilogue where aromatic herbs and citrus fruits give a pleasant and persistent freshness.< /p>

Vine varieties used:  Vermentino 50% | Albarola 20% | Durella 20% | Chardonnay 10%

Format: 75 cl bottle.

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Cenobio IGT Toscana

Cenobio, a name that takes up the historical meaning of a monastic community, as such contains our red grapes: Pollera, Barsaglina and Merlot.

The florality with which it opens the nose is surrounded by cherry, black pepper, aromatic herbs and a stony trace that gives value to the bouquet.

In the mouth it is broad, it has a clear progression with a body innervated by fresh sensations, the tannic structure is articulated and agile, it gives support and vitality to the gustatory tension up to the pleasantly long and spicy finish.

Vine varieties used: Merlot 60% | Pollera 20% | Barsagline 20%

Format: 75 cl bottle.

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DEIR IGT Toscana

Deir, which means Monastery, was born from the marriage of Syrah and Merlot: the grapes of the two vines are vinified separately in open vat steel with a long maceration.

The wines are always aged separately for at least 12 months to be assembled later.

It has an engaging olfactory impact: small black fruits, spices, aromatic herbs and dark minerals are just some of the countless sensations.

On the palate everything rediscovers the gustatory dynamics that are expressed in harmony between the tannic power and the finesse of the fresh nuances. The imposing structure is always elegant up to the epilogue that radiates minerality.

Vine varieties used: Syrah 60% | Merlot 40%

Format: 75 cl bottle.

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Barsaglina IGT Toscana

Barsaglina is an important native vine of the province of Massa and Carrara, with which wines of great depth and character have always been obtained.

The grapes ferment in steel with a prolonged maceration, the wine obtained is then aged for at least 15 months.

It has a noble and complex nose that opens on floral flavors followed by small fruits, dark spices and hints of undergrowth.

The palate is deep, intense; the tannic plot of rank and the important structure are always accompanied by a good acidity and a persistent finish. It has a dense and impenetrable purplish-ruby color.

Vine varieties used:  100% Barsaglina

Format: 75 cl bottle.

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Pollera IGT Toscana

Pollera is a native red grape variety that has its roots in the historic Lunigiana where it has been cultivated for centuries.

The grapes, with thin-skinned berries, are vinified in steel. The wine obtained is then aged for at least 12 months.

In the glass, it has a soft and delicate color. On the nose, it expresses an aromatic range entirely based on elegance, with hints of morello cherries, small red berries, black pepper and balsamic-mineral nuances.

On the palate, it confirms a fresh gustatory dynamic, which has finesse as its main characteristic; the structure has an average content of silky and deep tannins which amplify its persistence and verticality.

Vine varieties used:  100% Pollera

Format: 75 cl bottle.