Pizza Laltrapizza Bases

Pre-cooked pizza Laltrapizza.

Tasty, light and digestible thanks to the method of cold maturation of the dough. Dough with over 60 hours of leavening.

An artisanalproduct, which the consumer is able to recognize and distinguish from the common pizza for its unmistakable flavor and for its very high digestibility.

Each base is processed and spread by hand, to give it more crunchiness; in addition, the different hydration of the dough makes the product far more digestible than traditional pizza.

Laltrapizza is the ideal solution to enjoy with family or friends!

Made only with simple and natural ingredients:water, salt, Italian extra virgin olive oil, sourdough and an accurate blend of flours.

Storage in a controlled atmosphere with barrier film guarantees the product an optimal storage of at least 30 days outside the fridge, keeping the organoleptic properties unchanged.

Three sizes: Oval (Oval Pinsa) 250g, 180g Linqua and the 500g Half Baking Tray.

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