Fria - Milleusi Wipes and Intimate Herbs

Fria - Milleusi Wipes and Intimate Herbs.

The wipes Fria are made of a special microsponge fabric, moisturizing, refreshing, antibacterial detergent.

Fria Milleusi plus Green Tea 8 Wipes with detergent antibacterial


Fria milleusipiu' green tea

Refreshing effect - Cleansing action -with Antibacterial - Special microspongy fabric.

Cleansing, refreshing and antibacterial action!

Milleusipiù GREEN TEA FRIA wipes with a REFRESHING and antibacterial effect perform an action of cleansing the epidermis without irritating it giving an immediate delicate moisturizing sensation.

They are ideal outside the home and in particular in all situations where easy and fast cleansing is required without having water. Ideal by Metro, tram, bus.

Ideal for adults and children.

Format: Mini format with 8 wipes with antibacterial