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Primo assaggio puro grado acquavite d'uva Bottega 50 cl


First taste of pure grape brandy

Grape brandy is obtained by distilling the fermented must in the presence of the skins, for which both the solid part and the liquid part of the grapes are used. Powerful, intense and elegant, Primo Assaggio Puro Grado Bottega Grape Distillate is produced from healthy bunches rich in must, a precious raw material with a great aromatic charge.

Intense and complex, it has notes of fresh fruit on the palate.

Origin: Italy.

Alcohol content: 60% vol.

Format: 50 cl bottle.

    Pisco Quebranta Santiago Queirolo 70 cl


    Pisco Quebranta Santiago Queirolo

    Since 1880, Pisco Queirolo has shared moments of celebration with all Peruvians. Made with Pisco grapes, selected from vineyards located in the valleys of Cañete and Ica. These are pressed and then fermented in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature to obtain a high quality must which, once distilled in copper stills, releases all its potential.

    Clean and transparent, with silvery reflections. Predominate aromas of fruit such as raisins and almonds. Present and with character on the palate. It is recommended to serve it slightly chilled or in cocktails.

    Origin: Peru.

    Alcohol content: 42% vol.

    Format: 70 cl bottle

      Stock 84 original brandy 70 cl


      Stock 84 Original

      In one gulp, a history of over one hundred years, it was 1884 when Lionello Stock opened the first distillery and began the production of his brandies.

      The unmistakable character of Stock 84 Original is the result of the aroma, flavor and golden color developed during the slow maturation in oak barrels.

      It is during this aging process that this brandy acquires the unique and soft taste and the pleasant softness on the palate which has been its hallmark for more than a century.

      Particularly soft brandy.

      Origin: Italy - England

      Alcohol content: 36% vol.

      Format: 70 cl bottle.

        Vecchia Romagna Brandy 100 cl


        Vecchia Romagna Brandy

        It was 1820 when the Giovanni Buton Distillery was born in Bologna, from an idea of the Buton family, former producer of Cognac in the area French of Charent. The vine chosen for brandy's production was immediately the Trebbiano Bianco and, after numerous attempts, in 1939 saw the light "VECCHIA ROMAGNA", one of the historic distillates of our country, a crucial brand, presented to the public in the unmistakable triangular bottle that still distinguishes it today. The evolution of a great classic is the "Etichetta Nera" version, distilled from the finest grapes and with aging for a long time in oak barrels, known and appreciated all over the world for its fine quality and for its all-Italian taste.

        Alcohol grade: 38% VOL

        Bottle: 100cl bottle

          Valle del Marta red bitter cherry 75 cl


          Amaro Red Bitter Cherry Valle del Marta

          It is a bitter liqueur prepared with a base of aromatic herbs, fruits and spices.

          The dominant feature is the sour cherry or sour cherry, a small and particularly colorful fruit, with a not very sweet and acrid flavor even if ripe. The cold hydroalcoholic infusion of this fruit gives the liquid a bright intense red color. The nose is enhanced by the scent of cherry; despite the bitter herbs typical of a digestive liqueur, the taste is pleasant, almost domesticated by the red fruit that also persists in the aftertaste.

          Awards and recognition:

          • Second place in the World spirt competition in San Francisco 2022

          Alcohol content: 30% vol.

          Format: 75 cl bottle

            Bitter black bitter orange Valle del Marta 75 cl


            Amaro Black Bitter Orange Valle del Marta

            A liqueur prepared with the cold hydroalcoholic infusion of herbs and roots grown and harvested in the valley of the Marta river, in Tarquinia.

            The citrus fruit is given by the infusion of the peel (only the orange part) of the "merangola or merangolo" an orange typical of the Italian peasant tradition.

            In the town of Tarquinia there are traces of this shrub as early as 1300, where farmers used the juice of the fruit to flavor the bruschetta, or the zest to perfume some types of vegetables during cooking.

            Description: Visually, the bitter has a color ranging from burnt amber to black coffee, against the light with amaranth streaks. The scent of citrus prevails, leaving only little room for the spicy and herbaceous notes that characterize a bitter. The flavor is complex, enveloping, pleasant, rich in flavor .

            Awards and recognition:

            • Third place at the World spirt competition in San Francisco 2022

            Alcohol content: 30% vol.

            Format: 75 cl bottle

              Ypioca Prata Cachaça 100 cl


              Ypioca Prata Cachaca pure from sugar cane

              The Ypioca Prata cachaca is a distillate that comes from Brazil, the producer, the Ypioca distillery, has made it the spearhead of the company.

              The starting raw material is sugar cane grown on their estates from which the virgin cane juice is extracted which, after careful fermentation, will be distilled and then aged in barrels of Brazilian Freijo wood for one year .

              This will give Ypioca Prata a unique aromatic profile, together with a decidedly softer structure.

              Neutral in color, the nose immediately shows great complexity, with notes of sugar cane stem, banana leaves, pepper and spices. When tasted it is very structured, then the notes of ripe exotic fruit and flavors that range from sweet to spicy peep out.

              Alcohol content: 38% vol.

              100 cl bottle

                Numa Secundus Rex Italian brandy aged 25 years 75 cl


                Numa Secundus Rex Italian brandy aged 25 years Valle del Marta

                The “NUMA Secundus Rex” of the Marta Valley is a very particular reserve, the very long aging is spent resting in three different types of wooden barrels.

                Produced by Valle del Marta, it is a distillate with a strong personality and an intense honey color that transcends into a dark garnet.

                The broad and complex aroma is accompanied by sweet notes of bitter almond and wild black cherry that fascinate and intrigue the tasting. On the palate it is round, warm and velvety, with a soft and persistent aftertaste.

                Alcohol content: 44% vol.


                - Doppia medaglia d'oro al World Spirits Competition 2021 San Francisco U.S.A.

                - Gold Premio Alambicco d'oro 2021

                Bottle: Elegant 75 cl with box.

                  Superb Brandy Valle del Marta 50 cl


                  Superbo Brandy Valle del Marta

                  The Brandy with the name “SUPERBO”, produced by the Marta Valley, is a distillate with a well-defined personality: it has an intense honey color. The aroma of vanilla and tobacco accompany the hint of wood that has aged it and completes the bouquet.

                  In the mouth it is warm, with a persistent aftertaste.

                  Awards and recognition:

                  • Gold medal Alambicco d'oro 2019

                  Alcohol content: 40% vol.

                  Bottle: Elegant 50 cl

                    Numa Italian brandy aged 25 years 70 cl


                    Numa Italian brandy aged 25 years Valle del Marta

                    The Brandy named NUMA is aged for 25 years in wooden barrels, produced by the Marta Valley, it is a distillate with a strong personality and an intense honey color. The aroma of vanilla and tobacco accompany the sweet and light notes of sweet almond and wild cherry that distinguish the flavor.

                    In the mouth it is warm and velvety, with a soft and persistent aftertaste.

                    The distillate won first place in the global World Spirits Competition which was held in San Francisco in March 2020, it is considered the The best brandy in the world and is produced in Tarquinia in the province of Viterbo.

                    Awards and recognition:

                    • 1st World Spirits Competition San Francisco 2020 award
                    • Gold medal Alembic gold 2020

                    Alcohol content: 42% vol.

                    Bottle: Elegant 70 cl

                      Cachaça 51 100cl


                      Cachaça 51

                      Cachaça is a grape spirit, common in Brazil, obtained from the distillation of sugar cane juice unlike rum, which is distilled from molasses. In the preparation of cachaça only the juice of the cane in the raw state is used. The properly boiled, fermented and distilled juice thus produces the final spirit. Cachaça is produced in Brazil, where it is known by an infinite number of different names and boasts record production in the country, second in the field of alcohol only to beer production. It can be enjoyed smoothly, alternating with slices of orange but is simply perfect for the preparation of Caipirinha.

                      Alcohol content 40%

                      100cl bottle

                        UVE Aquavite grapes Alexander 70cl


                        ALEXANDER AQUA DI VITA GRAPES

                        Triple steam distilled

                        The quality and care of the raw material represent the first and most important step in the production of a good grape brandy. For this reason, only healthy grapes are selected, grown in suitable areas, harvested at the peak of aromatic and polyphenolic maturity.

                        Alcoholic Degree: 38% vol

                        Format: 70 cl bottle