Decorations for sweets - Grains

Decorations and grains for sweets, yogurt and ice cream. Ideal for garnishing even hot drinks such as hot chocolate in the cup or yogurt ice cream.

Ice cream grains and yogurt grains.

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Hulalà Pristine Grand Dessert Professional

The Pristine Grand Dessert professional hulalà is a long-lasting, sweetened professional spray cream, with excellent milky flavor and a rewarding sensation in the mouth. Exceptional and long-lasting performance, even under the strictest conditions of use. Excellent structure and hold. Ideal for desserts, ice creams, hot drinks, smoothies and fruitries

Thanks to its high stability, it can be used on hot drinks, made with milk cream, it is already sweetened and is ideal for garnishing ice creams, cold creams, crepes, sweets, coffee.

Confectionery product with UHT hydrogenated cream and vegetable fats.

700 ml cylinder - Weight 724 g

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Mini Marshmallows for sweet decoration Abracadabra Natfood

Delicious super colorful mini marshmallows ideal for decorating your sweets, our advice is to try them in winter along with hot chocolate and in summer along with ice cream or yogurt

Dosing jar with 150 g resealable perforated cap