Pate and Creme Attinà and Forti

Attinà and Forti: Creams and Pates. Green olive pate, black olive pate, mushroom pate, artichoke pate, Bomba reggina, chilli pate, dried tomato pate.

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REGGINA BOMB "spreadable spicy cream" 960 gr...

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REGGINA BOMB Attinà and Forti

Spicy spreadable cream suitable for bruschetta in sunflower oil.

Glass jar of 960 gr

Calabriamia Attinà and Forti appetizer box

Designed to convey the product, by its very nature typical and with a strong reference to the Mediterranean gastronomic tradition, in the specialized channel and beyond. Its reduced capacity (12 pots for a footprint of 24.5x32x29 cm) makes it convenient and easy to introduce into small stores. The possibility of containing more articles (max 3) gives it an edge.


4 x Dried tomatoes

4 x Rustic appetizer

4 x Homemade pitted olives

Packaging: box of 12 cans, 4 cans of each type.

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