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Hendrick's Gin mignon 5 cl

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is an unusual gin created by eleven fine botanicals. The curious, but wonderful, infusions of rose and cucumber infuse our spirit with its uniquely balanced flavor, resulting in an unmistakably soft and distinct gin.

Alcohol content: 44% vol.

5 cl bottle

Availability: 24 In Stock

Jack Daniel's Old No.7 Tennessee Whiskey mignon

Jack Daniel's Old No.7 uses pure spring water and a unique sweetened charcoal maple maturation process perfected since 1866. Tennessee whiskey has a distinct amber color. Perfect in cocktails.

Alcohol content: 40% vol.

Bottle material: PET (plastic).

Bottle dimensions: 3 x 3 x 10.5 cl 

Packaging: Display of 10 miniature 5 cl plastic bottles

50cl Bottega Bacur Dry Gin

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Distilled Dry Gin Bacûr owes its unique character to the botanicals with which it is produced. Juniper berries, sage leaves and lemon peels are left to macerate for a long time in a hydroalcolic solution and then proceed to a double distillation that, purifying the liquid from any unwanted scents, allows to obtain an elegant distillate with a fine and clean bouquet. The final character of this gin, therefore, is linked to its components but its quality and complexity depend not only on the number of plants used but also on the conditions of extraction of the aromatic components from each of them.

Alcohol grade 40% vol.

50cl bottle

Availability: 23 In Stock

Negroni Premix Bottega

The traditional Italian cocktail, in this new version ready to be served, presents the characteristic ruby red color, with vermilion reflections, and a typical, intriguing and articulated bouquet.

It comes from aMix of three BOTTEGAproducts: Vermouth Rotto BOTTEGA + Bitter BOTTEGA + Bacur Distilled Dry Gin BOTTEGA.

The shrewd dosage of the three elements gives life to a Negroni in perfect balance between the dry conferred by gin, the dessert due to vermouth and the bittering note of bitters.

Alcohol content: 26% vol.

10 cl bottle

Availability: 19 In Stock

Bitter bitter liqueur of Sicilian blood orange IGP

Amara is produced in small quantities , in a completely artisanal way, through seven infusions of the peel of the best Sicilian Igp blood orange .

The fruits come from orange groves that have their roots on the lava soil of the slopes of Etna a few kilometers from Catania. Volcanic is also the soil from which spring water flows, a fundamental element to give balance to Amaro Amara.

An infusion of aromatic herbs with a secret formula and dosage is added to the zest extract, and finally sugar. Each small batch of Amara is bottled without the addition of additives or dyes.

Alcohol content: 30% vol.

Bottle of 10 cl.

Availability: 14 In Stock

Amaro Montenegro mignon

Montenegro Amaro Mignon

The recipe of AMARO MONTENEGRO provides for the use of 40 aromatic herbs and a complex extraction and mixing process that make the product unique and inimitable. To make AMARO MONTENEGRO you select 40 aromatic herbs, in particular spices, dried fruit, roots, seeds, cortecce, citrus peel, rhizomes, flowers and woods from the four corners of the world! The Sweet part is given mainly by: Cinnamon, Cloves and nutmeg; the bitter part: Oregano, Maggiorana and Coriander; the citrus part: Orange.

Alcohol grade: 23%

Packaging: Single 5 cl bottle

Availability: 13 In Stock

Old Amaro del capo mignon

Twenty-nine herbs, flowers, fruits and roots of the splendid Calabrian land, united to offer you an intense experience of pleasure: the bittersweet taste of oranges, the delicacy of orange blossom and chamomile, the intensity of licorice, peppermint and aniseed. All in one, inimitable secret recipe.

Alcohol content: 35% VOL

Bottle dimensions: 3cm L x 2cm D x 8.5cm H

Bottle material: glass.

Format: 2 cl mignon bottle

Vecchio Amaro Del Capo mignon box 24 x 5 cl

Availability: 8 In Stock

Vecchio Amaro del capo mignon

Twenty-nine herbs, flowers, fruits and roots of the splendid Calabrian land, united to offer you an intense experience of pleasure: the bittersweet taste of oranges, the delicacy of orange blossom and chamomile, the intensity of licorice, peppermint and aniseed. All in one, inimitable secret recipe.

Alcohol content: 35% VOL.

Bottle dimensions:  4 cm L x 3 cm D x 12 cm H

Bottle material: glass.

Package:  box of 24 x 5 cl

Availability: 5 In Stock

Bacardi Carta Blanca Superior white rum mignon

Don Facundo spent ten years perfecting his BACARDÍ Carta Blanca.

With a soft and discreet taste, with notes of almond and vanilla, it does not overpower like gin nor fade away like vodka.

Perfect for classic rum-based cocktails such as Mojito.

Alcohol content: 37.5% vol.

Bottle material: PET

Format: pack of 10 small 5 cl PET bottles.

Availability: 5 In Stock

Vecchia Romagna Brandy mignon

It was 1820 when the Giovanni Buton Distillery was born in Bologna, from an idea of the Buton family, already producers of Cognac in the Charent area of France. The vine chosen for the production of Brandy was immediately Trebbiano Bianco and, after numerous attempts, in 1939 "Vecchia Romagna" saw the light, one of the historic distillates of our country, a crucial brand, presented at public in the unmistakabletriangular bottlethat still distinguishes it today. The evolution of a great classic is the "Black Label" version, distilled from the finest grapes and aged for a long time in oak barrels, known and appreciated throughout the world for its fine quality and entirely Italian taste .

Alcohol content: 38% vol.

Bottle material: glass.

Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.5 x 8.5 h cm.

Format: pack of 20 mignon x 3 cl

Availability: 5 In Stock

Ballantines Finest Blended Scotch Whiskey mignon

An ancient recipe, created in 1910, where tradition and craftsmanship blend to perfection, creating the "Finest", Blended Scotch Whiskey created from more than forty different malts and cereals, carefully selected in four different areas of Scotland. A Ballantine's branded product that can be savored with great pleasure, without ever tiring the palate, but rather encouraging the sip: ideal for an after-dinner to spend in relaxation.

Alcohol content: 40% vol.

Bottle dimensions: 3 x 3 x 9.8h cm 

Bottle material: PET

Format: Pack of 12 mignon x 5 cl

Availability: 4 In Stock

J & B rare Blended Scotch Whisky

J&B Rare is different from other Scotches. It combines 42 single malt and grain whiskies, carefully blended to create a subtle, smooth and elaborate flavour. A delicate balance that gives J&B Rare the original character that distinguishes it: if even just one whiskey were removed, the flavor would be affected. The heart of J&B Rare is Speyside malt whisky. They offer the fruity and fresh characteristics that can be tasted in J&B and, furthermore, give the drink its light colour. In addition, we also find some of the very finest grain whiskeys that Scotland has to offer. They bring out the individual flavors of the various malts, revealing the smooth character of J&B Rare.

Alcohol content: 40% vol

Bottle material: PET.

Format: box of 12 PET bottles x 5 cl

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