Parmalat milk and soy drinks

Milk Barlat parmalat for cappuccino and drinks based on soy and rice NatSoy Natfood.

Soya Nat natural soya drink 1 liter


Soya Nat Soya Drink natural

With Soya Nat your break times have a different taste.

Try Soya Nat instead of milk in cappuccino to start the day with flavor! Ideal for a soy-based cappuccino.

100% Nature, source of calcium with vitamins B2, D and B12.

Format: 1000 ml tetrapak

    Natsoy Nat Soy soy drink Natfood 750ml


    Natsoy soy drink.

    Natsoy offers the possibility to create delicious cappuccinos, ice creams, creams, puddings, smoothies, sauces, cakes as well as everything your creativity suggests to you based on soy, lactose-free.

    Natsoy is tasty to drink at any time of the day, served hot or cold.

    Format: 750ml tetrapak

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    Milk barlat for cappuccino Parmalat 1 liter


    Parmalat cappuccino milk barlat

    UHT long-lasting whole milk supplemented with milk proteins.

    For a thick and soft cream.

    Barlat allows to have more cream, a higher yield, compared to classic whole milk, of 25% and an intense taste thanks to an innovative heat treatment more delicate than traditional treatments.

    Format: 1 liter bottle

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