Lay's Chips

Lays chips.

Since 1932 lay's chips have been deliciously crispy, using only selected ingredients, to offer high-quality products in more than 60 countries around the world.

Official Lays Chips Italy, in comfortable displays from the ground to offer your customer a wide selection of tastes.

Chips Lays flavors: Classic, Artisan, Crispy Xtra, Xtra Barbecue, Xtra Bacon, Mediterranean, Paprika.

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Classic Lay’s Chips

Classic Lay’s® from 1932. Only selected potatoes, oil, salt and more than 80 years of Lay’s®. Classic Lay’s®, loved by everyone, with their delicious crunchiness and inviting taste, are the perfect snack on any occasion.


Showbox pack of 20 sachets x 44 g

Xtra Barbecue Lay’s chips 20 sachets x 37 g

Availability: 10 In Stock


Xtra® Crispy, Xtra® Gustose and Xtra® Ondulate, flavored with an aroma of delicious Barbecue sauce.

Dedicated to demanding palates, who love crunchiness but look for a more intense flavor.

Lay's® Xtra® barbecue are ideal to accompany meat dishes in grills with friends.

Showbox pack of 20 sachets x 37 g

Availability: 6 In Stock

Lay's Doritos chips and floor standing Cheetos totem

Display stand 8 flavors from the ground


20 sachets of Lay's Classic Chips of 44 g

20 sachets 37 g Lay's Xtra Crunchy Barbecue Chips

20 sachets 44 g Lay's Gusto Campagnole Potato Chips

20 packets Lay's Sweet Paprika Chips

10 sachets of Doritos Tex-Mex Chips of 44 g

10 sachets of Doritos Chilli chips of 44 g

12 sachets Cheetos Rizos Crisps of 30 g

12 sachets of Chips Cheetos Pelotazos fotebolas of 32 g

Availability: 5 In Stock

Campagnola Lay’s chips

Tantalizing Lay's chips® the taste of spices and vegetables.

The delicious aroma of tomato, parsley, onion and a pinch of paprika give Lay's® Recipe Campagnola a special taste.

Ideal for cocktails and aperitifs or as a delicious off-the-spot.


Showbox pack of 20 sachets x 44 g

Availability: 3 In Stock

Lay's Mediterranean Chips

Crunchy Lay's® chips with a delicious Mediterranean flavor. A simple taste, only potatoes, oil and sea salt. With their delicious crunchiness they go well with a Sunday brunch with friends or an aperitif with style.

Taste: Classic.

Gluten free, with olive oil.

Showbox of 20 sachets x 42 g

Availability: Out of stock

Totem Lay’s chips from the ground

Totem Exhibitor 6 flavors from the ground


20 sachets Lay's Classic 44g chips

24 sachets Cheetos Rizos 30 g 

20 sachets 44g Doritos Tex-Mex chips

20 sachets Lay's Xtra Crispy 37g barbecue chips

20 sachets Lay's Gusto Campagnole 44 g

20 sachets Lay's Taste Paprika Sweet 44 g

Size: 34 cm x 34 cm x 110 cm

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