Tennet's, 19

Tennet's Beer

The brewery that produces it is the oldest commercial activity in all of Glasgow and Tennent's beer is the best-selling beer in Scotland and so loved that it is among the best-selling beers in Italy. Founded in 1870 by the Tennent brothers, the company immediately found great successes for the quality of products and ingredients, and in a few years it rose to prominence becoming a real flag for the country; today in Scottish pubs more than one in two pints is tennent’s, the best-selling in its land, and since 1914 it has also exported to the four corners of the world, from Hong Kong to Hawaii.

Only 100% Scottish barley malt for this lager with an authentic, strong and decisive flavor, a trademark that has always characterized it.

Beautiful bright golden yellow color with white foam of little persistence. A strong sense of smell in the alcoholic note, it hides malt scents and white flowers with slight hoppy notes. The taste is safe, imposing, characterized by a present but balanced caloric sensation, sweetened by sugary notes that meet, on the end, a slight bitter hint of great persistence. Perfect with grilled meats, barbecue preparations and smoked products.

Birra Tennent's