Taitù licorice of calabria

Taitù Liquirizia Di Calabria. CAFFO Taitù liquorice candies are obtained exclusively from Calabrian licorice roots that have always been considered the best in the world. The completely natural processing method preserves the organoleptic characteristics of the juice in order to obtain a product of the highest quality that does not contain added sugars, dyes or additives. Buying the historic Taitù caffo liquorice in collectible metal boxes today is simple, payment is safe and shipping fast.

Taitù Liquirizia Di Calabria Sport mix 4 flavors 24 packs of 20 grams


Taitù Liquirizia Di Calabria Sport

Packaging of Calabrian licorice in the wonderful vintage style boxes in metal.

Sport mix series 4 flavors:

The display contains:

6 cans of pure licorice

6 cans of Black Sila anise liquorice

6 cans of Italian peppermint licorice

6 cans of licorice with calabrian citrus fruits

Pack of 24 boxes of 20g

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