Sottoli and Pickles

Sottoli and Pickles for aperitifs of Attina E Forti, Fox and la cerignola di una volta. Chilli pate, black olive pate, green olive pate, Calabrian bomb, mixed appetizer, rice toppings, sottolio asparagus, capers, grilled artichokes underlium, grilled artichokes, champignon sottolio mushrooms, underlium sea appetizer, dried tomatoes, lampascioni, sliced eggplants, olives, aperitif olives, seasoned olives, stuffed olives, stuffed peppers, spicy chillies, typical Calabrian specialties, Italian specialties, Italian sottolio.

Pitted olives La Cerignola Di Una Volta 550 g


Pitted olives La Cerignola di una Volta

Quality and convenience, try the olive line of the Cerignola company, delicate pitted green olives ideal for an appetizer or a tasty and simple aperitif.

550 g glass jar

    Nobil Oil Gold 24k 250ml Urselli Food

    Nobil oil Gold 24 k

    Extra virgin olive oil with pure 24k gold flakes at 99.6%. A fantastic gift, unique and sure scenic effect!

    Olive oil of a higher category obtained directly from olives and only by mechanical processes.

    100% Italian.

    Apulian Monocultivar Coratina.

    250 ml bottle with container case.