Dried fruits

Dried fruits from Mister Nut, Picoteamo and Fox Italy. Dried fruits and fruit mixes are rich in vitamins, minerals and iron. Practical single portion sachets are ideal for those who want to keep fit and fill up with energy and omega 3.

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Chili Crisp Tortilla Fox

Aperitif Line Fox

Bar Italia presents Vintage Corn Tortilla chips - Sweet chili, chili-flavoured corn flour chips. Vintage Corn Tortilla chips - Sweet chili chips are available in a single pack of 450 gr.


Without Palm Oil


450g bag

Energy Mix 24 pieces x 25gr Wellness Mister Nut

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Wellness Energy Mix - Dried Fruit Mix

Delicious mix of dried fruits in practical single-dose sachets, ideal for recharging energy at any time of the day.

Great as a hungry break snack!

Cashews, Almonds, Sultanas, Blueberries

Pack of 24 sachets of 25g