Local Vitasnella and biscuits VITASNELLA.

VITASNELLA biscuits source of fiber, with few calories and whole meal with 5 cereals. For breakfast try the cereal VITASNELLA cereal breakfast with milk, the biscuits vitasnella yogurt, biscuits vitasnella red fruits.

Vitasnella Cereal Yo Cocoa 18 pieces x 50.6 g



Deadline July 31, 2020

Biscotti VITASNELLA Cereal Yo Cacao.

Two delicious whole-grain cocoa cookies, stuffed with the famous yogurt cream VITASNELLA!

Pack of 18 pieces x 50.6 g

    Vitasnella Cereal Yo red fruits 18 pieces x 50.6 g


    Vitasnella Cereal Yo Red Fruits

    Biscuits VITASNELLA with soft creamy filling with yogurt enriched with red fruits encated between two whole grain biscuits.

    Biscuits VITASNELLA enriched with Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Vitamins E,B1 with yogurt filling and red fruits.

    Pack of 18 pieces x 50.6 g

      Vitasnella Cereal Yo Original 18 pieces


      Vitasnella Cereal Yo Original

      Biscuits VITASNELLA creamy yogurt filling enclosed between two whole grain biscuits

      Biscuits VITASNELLA enriched with Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin E,B1.

      Pack of 18 pieces