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Liqueurs Bottega: Peach, Apple, Lemon, Blueberry, Parched, Pineapple, Melon, Rose Mouth, Gianduia, Chocolate, Licorice, Lemonade, Limoncello, Liquorice Liqueurs, Elisir Borsci Liqueurs.

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Aperol Aperitif

Aperol is the perfect aperitif. Bright orange in color, it has an unmistakable sweet-bitter taste, thanks to a very secret and never varied recipe, which includes infusions of precious raw materials, herbs and roots in perfect harmony. Another strength is its alcoholic lightness, only 11 degrees

Alcohol grade 11% vol

Bottle 100 cl

Campari Bitter 100 cl

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Bitter Campari is a liqueur obtained from the infusion of bitter herbs, aromatic plants and fruits in alcohol and water. The recipe with which it is prepared is known to very few workers in the production process, however there are those who hypothesize that there are over 20, perhaps even up to 80, ingredients in its formulation. It has an intense aroma reminiscent of grapefruit and orange, to which are added herbaceous and clove notes. In the mouth it is characterized by a pleasant bitter taste, perceived on a warm and velvety background. Its versatility makes it an excellent base for the preparation of famous cocktails such as Americano, Spritz and Negroni Sbagliato. Perfect as an aperitif.

Alcohol grade 25% vol.

100 cl bottle

Availability: 50 In Stock

Vecchio Amaro Del Capo

Twenty-nine of the herbs, flowers, fruits and roots of the beautiful Calabrian land, united to offer you an intense experience of pleasure: the dolceamaro taste of oranges, the delicacy of orange blossom and chamomile, the intensity of licorice, peppermint and aniseed seeds. All in one, inimitable secret recipe.

Alcohol grade: 35% VOL

100 cl bottle

Hendrick's Gin mignon 5 cl

Availability: 96 In Stock


is an unusual gin created by eleven fine botanicals. The curious, but wonderful, infusions of rose and cucumber infuse our spirit with its uniquely balanced flavor, resulting in an unmistakably soft and distinct gin.

Alcohol content: 44% vol.

5 cl bottle

Biancosarti Aperitif 100cl

Availability: 32 In Stock

Biancosarti Aperitif

BIANCOSARTI is the aperitif with a vigorous taste. It is an alcoholic aperitif with a light, bright, fresh and elegant color. Its delicate and decisive taste is truly unique, and derives from a secret mixture that combines the soft aroma of rare herbs, spices and flowers with the intense character of cortecce and roots. BIANCOSARTI is one of the names that have made the history of bars in Italy. In the post-war period, a series of successful television advertising campaigns (remember Lieutenant Sheridan?) made it one of the most loved bar aperitifs by Italians. Since 1995 he has joined the CampariGroup, following the acquisition of the Italian assets of the Dutch group Bols Wessanen.

Alcohol grade 28% vol.

100cl bottle

Availability: 25 In Stock

Bitter bitter liqueur of Sicilian blood orange IGP

Amara is produced in small quantities , in a completely artisanal way, through seven infusions of the peel of the best Sicilian Igp blood orange .

The fruits come from orange groves that have their roots on the lava soil of the slopes of Etna a few kilometers from Catania. Volcanic is also the soil from which spring water flows, a fundamental element to give balance to Amaro Amara.

An infusion of aromatic herbs with a secret formula and dosage is added to the zest extract, and finally sugar. Each small batch of Amara is bottled without the addition of additives or dyes.

Alcohol content: 30% vol.

Bottle of 10 cl.

Availability: 24 In Stock

Limoncino limoncello Bottega

It is produced from an infusion of Femminello Lemon skins. Cultivar characterized by a fine-grained peel and the high quality of essential oils. Grown naturally and without treatment, they are harvested to the highest degree of maturation, washed and peeled by hand eliminating the white (bitter) part and selecting only the yellow part, rich in essential oils. Lemon peels, thus obtained, are put into alcohol infusion for about 30 days. Finally, the addition of sugar and grappa of great quality is carried out that makes this Lemonade unique.

Alcohol grade: 30% vol.

3 cl bottle mignon

Availability: 24 In Stock

Amaro Montenegro mignon

Montenegro Amaro Mignon

The recipe of AMARO MONTENEGRO provides for the use of 40 aromatic herbs and a complex extraction and mixing process that make the product unique and inimitable. To make AMARO MONTENEGRO you select 40 aromatic herbs, in particular spices, dried fruit, roots, seeds, cortecce, citrus peel, rhizomes, flowers and woods from the four corners of the world! The Sweet part is given mainly by: Cinnamon, Cloves and nutmeg; the bitter part: Oregano, Maggiorana and Coriander; the citrus part: Orange.

Alcohol grade: 23%

Packaging: Single 5 cl bottle

Bon Bon with Vecchio Amaro Del Capo 1 kg pouch

Availability: 35 In Stock


Pralines of fine dark chocolate that enclose a delicious filling of cream with VECCHIO AMARO DEL CAPO.

1 kg pouch, 50 pieces.

Availability: 29 In Stock

Raspberry liqueur cream BOTTEGA

Liqueur characterized by an intense aroma of raspberries. Raspberries, with an intense red color and a sweet taste with the characteristic acidula note, are macerated in water and alcohol for a few days. The subsequent distillation allows to obtain an absolutely natural compound rich in the typical aromas of this fragrant fruit. The mixing with the sweet cream of milk gives a pleasantly soft consistency able to caress the palate and enhance the typical and delicate flavor of the raw material that is the basis of this product. The addition of grappa gives the Raspberry BOTTEGA a particular aromaticity that makes it unique and unmistakable.

Alcohol grade: 15% vol.

50 cl bottle

Availability: 25 In Stock

Sweetflower liqueur cream BOTTEGA

It is a creamy liqueur, pleasantly sweet and with a moderate alcohol content, characterized by an intense aroma of white chocolate. The "white variant" of chocolate, which derives from a traditional processing of cocoa beans, has always been highly appreciated in particular by younger consumers. With a typical ivory color, it has an intense and persistent scent and taste with hints of milk, butter, vanilla and biscuit. A characteristic bouquet that is found in the Fior di Latte BOTTEGA and that goes perfectly with the voluptuousness and softness of the sweet cream of milk. The addition of grappa gives this product a particular aromaticity that makes it unique and unmistakable.

Alcohol grade: 15% vol.

50 cl bottle

Availability: 24 In Stock

Jack Daniel's Old No.7 Tennessee Whiskey mignon

Jack Daniel's Old No.7 uses pure spring water and a unique sweetened charcoal maple maturation process perfected since 1866. Tennessee whiskey has a distinct amber color. Perfect in cocktails.

Alcohol content: 40% vol.

Bottle material: PET (plastic).

Bottle dimensions: 3 x 3 x 10.5 cl 

Packaging: Display of 10 miniature 5 cl plastic bottles

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