Biscuits Milka, tasty and delicious with real milk chocolate 100% alpine milk. MILKA Cookies the American style cookie with chocolate chips with MILKA milk chocolate and stuffed with chocolate cream MILKA. MILKA brownie the delicious American chocolate cake with chocolate MILKA made exclusively with milk chocolate from the Alps.

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Milka Choco Brownie 24 pieces

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Milka Brownie

The MILKA Brownie!! Exquisite U.S. treats, CHOCOLATE taste! Buy and take this delight to your home!

Chocolate cake (9.6 %) alpine milk chocolate (5.5%), milk chocolate (2.3 %) and pieces of Alpine milk chocolate (6.4 %)

Format: Pack of 24 pieces of 50g

Each blister contains two pieces of cake!

Cookies Milka Cookies Sensation 24 pieces x 52 g

Availability: 11 In Stock

Sensation cookies MILKA cookies

MILKA's American Cookies

Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies Stuffed with Chocolate Cream

Over-the-counter packaging

Size: Box of 24 sachets of 2 biscuits of 52 g

Net weight: 1248 g

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