Bounty snacks from the Chocolate MARS line.Bounty the famous double bar stuffed with coconut and covered with milk chocolate. Buying snacks Bounty online is quick and easy in our negozxio you can pay with PayPal, credit card and shipping is very fast

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BOUNTY Miniatures 800g

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The famous coconut bar covered with milk chocolate Bounty miniaturized and individually wrapped to eat like chocolate throughout the day!

Pack of 800g

Impact case m&m 2022 82 pieces

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Impact box 2022 M&M's

All the best in a small space! The exhibitor occupies an area of 30 cm x 26 cm.

This crate 2022 contains all the winning snacks! M&M's is among the top chocolate brands in the world, growing steadily alongside Twix and Snickers.

What it contains: 30 M&M's  Peanuts 45 g - 14 Twix 50 g - 12 MARS - 12 Bounty - 14 Snickers.

Miniatures Mars Bounty Snickers Twix 800 g...

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Miniatures MARS Bounty Snickers Twix

The new over-the-counter display, small and practical containing miniatures versions of the bars MARS, Twix, Bounty and Snickers.

800g drawer display