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Spirits and Liqueurs

In our spirits department, alongside the best known products, you will find rare and sought-after distillates, which will enrich your spirits collection.

Whisky and rum, innovative producers of gin and vodka and the most distant distillers of tequila and sake, without forgetting the most classic distillates such as grappa, calvados, absinthe, brandy, and the French cognac and armagnac.


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50cl Bottega Bacur Dry Gin

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Distilled Dry Gin Bacûr owes its unique character to the botanicals with which it is produced. Juniper berries, sage leaves and lemon peels are left to macerate for a long time in a hydroalcolic solution and then proceed to a double distillation that, purifying the liquid from any unwanted scents, allows to obtain an elegant distillate with a fine and clean bouquet. The final character of this gin, therefore, is linked to its components but its quality and complexity depend not only on the number of plants used but also on the conditions of extraction of the aromatic components from each of them.

Alcohol grade 40% vol.

50cl bottle

Aldo white grappa BOTTEGA 43% 1 Liter

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Aldo Bottega Grappa Bianca

It is dedicated to Aldo BOTTEGA who in 1977 founded the Distilleria Bottega. Son of art and master distiller, he learned among the stills the secrets of the distillation of pomace, a precious raw material used for the production of grappa. Aldo BOTTEGA is a transparent and crystalline distillate that is characterized by personality and organoleptic intensity.

Young Grappa

Alcohol grade 43% vol

1 liter bottle

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Grappa di chardonnay Alexander

Chardonnay Alexander Grappa comes from the tender and golden yellow skins of chardonnay grapes, an essential ingredient in the vinification of fine sparkling wines. It is produced in three distillation stages implemented at different temperatures and in traditional copper stills, which allow vacuum processing and in which heating takes place in a bain-marie. This gives a Grappa that keeps intact the aromatic profile of the starting vine and that stands out, in particular, for the delicate sensations both floral and fruity.

Alcohol grade: 38% vol.

70 cl bottle with case.

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Alexander Vodka is produced from the fermentation of an infusion of sugars from pure wheat alone, a noble raw material that allows to obtain a distillate of character. Distillation methods can also lead to very different quality levels. Alexander Vodka is obtained through five distillation stages by means of which it is possible to extract the aromatic characteristics from the raw material, thus producing a rich and complex distillate. Finally, the addition of pure alpine water enriches it while filtration allows the elimination of impurities that could alter the organoleptic profile.

Alcohol Grade 38%

70cl bottle

Origin: Italy - Veneto

Alexander grappa spray 10 cl

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Grappa Alexander spray

Grappa di Moscato Alexander Spray, enclosed in a bottle equipped with a vaporizer, is a grappa created to savor the fleeting emotion of an olfactory taste.

This grappa is made from the still fresh and golden marc of white Moscato. It is distilled in steam stills without raising the alcohol content too much to allow you to better grasp the aromatic intensity. Moscato grape

Transparent and crystalline. It gives the sense of smell of fruit and medicinal herbs; the taste is persuasive, without harshness, soft with hints of the original grape variety, fruit

HOW TO USE: It lends itself to being vaporized on oysters, risottos, prawns, pastries, cigars and coffee.

The latter, called fragrant coffee, is the traditional espresso, to be sprayed on the surface with three or four sprinkles of grappa.

Alcohol content: 38% vol

10 cl. spray bottle with vaporizer

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Bitter bitter liqueur of Sicilian blood orange IGP

Amara is produced in small quantities , in a completely artisanal way, through seven infusions of the peel of the best Sicilian Igp blood orange .

The fruits come from orange groves that have their roots on the lava soil of the slopes of Etna a few kilometers from Catania. Volcanic is also the soil from which spring water flows, a fundamental element to give balance to Amaro Amara.

An infusion of aromatic herbs with a secret formula and dosage is added to the zest extract, and finally sugar. Each small batch of Amara is bottled without the addition of additives or dyes.

Alcohol content: 30% vol.

Bottle of 10 cl.

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Amaretto sweet liqueur Valle del Marta

The typical taste of bitter almond makes it a liqueur suitable for everyone and at any time.

At room temperature it is enhanced by the intoxicating scent of almond.

Pleasant, warm and mellow in the mouth. Suitable for adding to coffee, as an aperitif with the addition of orange zest, soda water and ice.

Alcohol content: 30% vol.

50 cl bottle

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Amaro Averna the Sicilian bitter

Since 1868,AMARO AVERNA represents true Sicilian art, with a history that has its roots in the wonderful land of Caltanissetta. The secret recipe has been handed down from generation to generation and has become an Italian after-meal classic.

Averna has an intense and sweet-bitter taste. The notes of orange and licorice are balanced by those of blueberry, juniper, rosemary and sage. Every taste is a trip to the truest Sicily. This makes theamaro averna a real multisensory experience.

Alcohol grade: 29% VOL

100 cl bottle

Amaro Lucano 100cl

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Amaro Lucano

It was born in 1894 from a secret recipe that the Vena family passes down from generation to generation. Thanks to the skilful mixing of more than 30 herbs it has a strong taste, ideal for all occasions.

Since 1894 the taste of AMARO LUCANO hides behind it a careful selection of precious herbs and a secret recipe that, even today, is handed down from father to son, according to tradition.

Alcohol grade: 28% vol.

100 cl bottle

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Amaro Montenegro

The recipe of AMARO MONTENEGRO provides for the use of 40 aromatic herbs and a complex extraction and mixing process that make the product unique and inimitable. To make AMARO MONTENEGRO you select 40 aromatic herbs, in particular spices, dried fruit, roots, seeds, cortecce, citrus peel, rhizomes, flowers and woods from the four corners of the world! The Sweet part is given mainly by: Cinnamon, Cloves and nutmeg; the bitter part: Oregano, Maggiorana and Coriander; the citrus part: Orange.

Alcohol grade: 23%

100 Cl bottle