Crispy Bars

Delicious crispy sesamal bars. Delicious, with simple ingredients, ideal to munch on during a break!

Cheerios bars cereal bar 16 x 22 g


Cheerios cereal bars

A bar of delicious honey donuts enriched with a delicious milk base, with whole grains. With a delicious milk base.

Pack of 16 x 22 g

    Go Free cornflakes cereal bar 12 x 22 g


    Go Free Nestlè

    The breakfast cereal bar. Start the day with a tasty corn flakes bar with vitamins, calcium and iron. Good and tasty, without palm oil and gluten.

    Pack of 12 bars x 22 g = 264 g.

      3BAR Crispy Sesamus Bar with Dark Chocolate 45g


      3BAR Sesamus Bar with Dark Chocolate

      All the energy in a gluten-free bar.

      3Bar sesaman and chocolate bar, the goodness of chocolate meets the sweetness of honey to offer a crunchy and delicious gluten-free bar

      Pack of 45 g

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      3BAR Crispy bars with sesamal mixed tastes 50 pieces


      3BAR Crispy sesamal bars

      Exhibitor mixed tastes 50 pieces

      Composed of:

      10 pcs. Honey Sesamus

      10 pcs. Sesamus and Chocolate

      10 pcs. Honey and Nuts Sesamus

      10 pcs. Sesamus Almonds and Honey

      10 pcs. Sesamus Chocolate and Hazelnuts

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      3BAR Crispy bars with honey and chocolate sesamal 20 pieces of 45 g


      3 Crispy Bars with Honey Sesamal and Orino Chocolate

      Delicious crispy sesa meal bars, honey and chocolate taste. Simple, with quality ingredients, natural, free of preservatives, ideal as a snack breaks hunger. In each sachet 3 thin sesaman bars


      Pack of 20 sachets of 45 g

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      3BAR Sesamal crispy bars and gluten-free honey 20 pieces of 45 g


      3BAR Sesamal and Honey Crispy Bars

      3 bar bars are ideal at any time of the day. I am a delicious breaker, a light snack suitable for all ages for a break of pure taste. They are ideal for celiac consumers as they are gluten-free, and are absolutely without preservatives.


      Pack of 20 pieces of 45g

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