Goleador candies of Perfetti Van Melle. Candy Goleador the double gummy candy! Goleador for over 30 years fills the pockets of the little ones and is a dive into the past for the older ones! Sweet candies Goleador available in fruit, cola, licorice and the sparkling Maxi Shock format.

GOLEADOR Bubble Gum 200 pezzi GOLEADOR Bubble Gum 200 pezzi

Goleador Bubble Gum 200 pieces x 6 g


Goleador Bubble Gum

Perfetti Van Melle

The new Bubble-Gum Stuffed, 3 delicious flavors individually wrapped:

Goleador Bubble Gum Aroma All Fruits

Goleador Bubble Gum Aroma Cola Lemon

Goleador Bubble Gum Aroma Strawberry and Raspberry

Box pack of 200 pieces

    Goleador Maxi Shock 130 pezzi Goleador Maxi Shock 130 pezzi Goleador Maxi Shock 130 pezzi

    Goleador Maxi Shock 130 pieces



    Perfetti Van Melle

    The double gummy candy!

    Goleador Maxi Shock is the double maxi gummy candy covered with fruit-flavoured sour sugar.

    Maxi size, super sparkling maxi taste, for a shock experience in different taste combinations: orange, cola, lemon, lime and cherry

    Goleador mixed tastes

    Pack of 130 pieces